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Reducing traffic speed

Speeding is a factor in many accidents, so reducing speeds on our roads has been the major aim of our projects.

By reducing speeds by traffic calming means that residents, pedestrians and cyclists can live and travel more safely.

Over half of all accidents in which people are injured happen on urban roads with a maximum speed limit of 30mph.


  • hit at 40mph, one pedestrians in five is killed
  • hit at 30mph, one pedestrian in every 10 is killed
  • hit at 20mph, only one pedestrian in 40 is killed

An analysis of physical traffic calming (speed cushion) schemes implemented on roads in South Gloucestershire showed that they are collectively providing an estimated accident reduction of 62.1% (from 95 to 36) over 3 years. This is consistent with reductions predicted by national research [TRL report 312 (1998)]. Traffic calming which involves the use of raised features such as tables and speed cushions will therefore continue to be recommended for use, where appropriate, as casualty reduction schemes.

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