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Street lighting policy

Report a problem with a streetlight

We manage and maintain all street lights, lit traffic signs and bollards in the district. We also make sure there is a high level of reliability and that all equipment is in a structurally safe condition.

Our aim

  • to make safe all emergency faults within two hours of being reported to them
  • to attend to minor faults and repair faulty lights within five working days
  • deal with major faults as soon as is practicable and work with the electric boards targeting repairs within 20 working days
  • to maintain 99% of all lights working as planned
  • to carry out bulk changes of sodium lamps every four years
  • replace our lighting stock with LED units by 2024
  • replace defective columns as part of a programme
  • minimise energy consumption

What we do

  • inspect, check and where needed fix lighting and electrical units for which we are responsible
  • routine inspect and clean each lantern biannually
  • record our asset information on each unit and update when changes are made
  • provide a design service for street lighting installations including new developments
  • Install 3,000 LED units each year as part of a 10 year programme

If you wish to report a faulty light please make a note of the location or streetlight column number and use the online form. It is very helpful if you report any faults you notice as this usually means the light will be repaired more quickly. We do not repair traffic signals.

To report a traffic signal that is faulty call us on 01454 868000 or email

Our policy

Our current policy will remain in effect until 31 March 2017 and our new policy will start on 1 April 2017. The street lighting policy has been developed to:

  • realise the vision and support the aims and objectives of the council
  • seek to reduce the council’s impact on climate change and deliver the benefits of good street lighting in a low carbon manner


The policy does not specifically cover maintenance or energy requirements for:

  • non illuminated traffic signs and bollards
  • traffic signals
  • bus shelters
  • coeval or interactive signs
  • CCTV
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