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Street Lighting Design and Installation Services

Our in-house team provide competitive design and installation services; giving developers the easiest route through our Technical Approval and Adoption processes.

Design Service

South Gloucestershire Council has offered a design service for housing developers and alike for over 20 years. Our experienced design team prides itself on providing the most efficient and effective Section 38 & 278 street lighting & electrical designs; minimising the quantity of lighting columns and therefore reducing; energy, capital and maintenance costs for clients prior to adoption.

SGC has a shared interest in providing a compliant design and aim to give a hassle free service and the easiest route through to Technical Approval.

The team is happy to help with any enquiries and provide a competitive quotation upon request.

Main benefits:

  • Design will comply with SGC’s Street Lighting Policy.
  • Competitive quoting for design.
  • Advice throughout design phase.
  • Holistic design approach; considering all affected services and consultants.


“We were pleased with the Design service and the competitive quotation for the street lighting installation” – John Fricker, Cotswold Homes Ltd

“I think that all authorities should be made to provide a service where developers can pay for street lighting designs. Most are now switching to using external companies (e.g. Phillips), and it leads to an inefficient layout and also does not always include the authority’s latest specification. In order to provide our customers with the exact information on the surroundings of their new home, this is an essential requirement. This is an excellent, flexible service and well worth the fee.” – Developer

“An excellent service at short notice. I would not hesitate to recommend SGC’s Street Lighting Department to anyone.” – Civil Engineering Contractor


Installation Service

South Gloucestershire Council’s in-house street lighting construction team which has successfully operated in competitive external markets for over 25 years. Our flexible and helpful construction team are available to help with any enquiries and provide a competitive quotation upon request.

Main benefits:

  • Installation guaranteed to comply with South Gloucestershire Council developers’ specification
  • Flexible and local workforce with quick response times
  • Advice throughout construction regarding installation and adoption


“Overall service was excellent, both design and site works. Queries were answered promptly and a co-operative approach to getting the job done was evident” – Alex Thoemmes, Mi-space (UK) Ltd

“The communication and service of the project was excellent.” – John Payne, Speller Metcalfe

I have used Street Care – street lighting services on several schemes and have found them to offer excellent services from design through to site implementation. We would also comment that they are commercially competitive and complete their works to a high standard with full compliance to health and safety requirements.” – Graham Pickersgill, Britannia Construction Ltd.


Combined Design & Installation Services

Using both South Gloucestershire Council’s design and construction services gives developers added benefits:

  • Single point of contact
  • Simple communication between design and construction services
  • Collective problem solving with all parties
  • Advice throughout and between both design and construction services


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