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Weight limits

Proposals to introduce a weight limit need careful consideration. In particular, surveys of the heavy goods vehicles (HGV) travelling through an area are needed and thought must be given to providing alternative routes for these vehicles.

Introducing a weight limit

To introduce a weight limit would require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to be processed in order to give the limit legal backing. This process takes considerable time due to the need to consult with the interested parties such as the police and emergency services and the need to publicly advertise the proposals where objections may be raised.

How to get a weight limit introduced in your street

If you feel that there is a strong case for a reduction in weight limit to be implemented in your area, you should approach your parish council and local councillor. Each area committee of South Gloucestershire has funding for local area schemes. Every year, a list of potential traffic management schemes is drawn up for each area. Once a year, a decision is made by local councillors on which schemes will be carried out.

What can I do if sat navs are incorrectly directing HGV and cars down my street?

Check if the problem relates to an error on Google Maps. If it does, you can report the issue to Google using  The Department for Transport and Ordnance Survey are working with sat nav manufacturers to improve HGV routing.

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