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Highway structures

We inspect and maintain hundreds of highway structures across South Gloucestershire.

​We look after:

  • footpath bridges
  • road bridges
  • retaining walls
  • culverts (structures carrying roads over rivers, watercourses or ditches)
  • cattle grids
  • pedestrian subways

How we maintain our structures

We aim to:

  • ensure the safety of those using the roads supported by bridges and retaining walls
  • maintain our highway structures using the funds allocated to us

We manage and maintain our highway structures by carrying out the following procedures:

  • inspections
  • maintenance of records
  • bridge assessment and strengthening
  • routine maintenance
  • minor maintenance
  • emergency maintenance

How to report a defective highway structure

Contact us by email on or call 01454 868000 to report a dangerous highway structure.

Please note:

  • bridges and structures over and under motorways are the responsibility of the Highways England
  • bridges which carry railways over roads are normally the responsibility of Network Rail
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