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Street names, numbers and nameplates

Street naming and numbering

It is the responsibility of the local authority to maintain the street nameplates on adopted roads only. To report a problem with a street nameplate or make an enquiry email

New development roads are covered by the developer until they are adopted. Private roads are the responsibility of the residents.

New street names and numbering

We are responsible for the provision of new street names and the numbering or naming of new properties within our boundary.

We consult with ward councillors/ local parish councils as well as the Royal Mail Address Management Centre before assigning the new street names and property numbers.

Once this has been agreed and the Royal Mail have confirmed the correct postcode we notify public utilities, emergency services, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and relevant council services.

We then supply them with a copy of the naming/numbering schedule. We also deal with change of house names, flat conversions as well as other addressing problems.

The local authority does not provide postcodes, this is the responsibility of the Royal Mail.

Reporting a damaged or missing nameplate

Be aware that if a replacement nameplate is needed, it takes six to eight weeks to manufacture and receive the new plate. Installation then takes approximately two weeks depending on work load. Call our contact centre on 01454 868000 to report a damaged or missing nameplate.

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