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Modifying the existing highway

Applications to modify the existing highway

The implementation of new housing developments will often affect the existing highway network. Where changes to the surrounding roads are necessitated as a planning or any other form of development control condition an agreement may be entered into under Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980 to modify the existing highway.

Scheme value Supervision fee
  Percentage of scheme value Minimum fee
Up to £49,999 15% £1,000
£50,000 to £99,999 10% £7,500
£100,000 to £199,999 7% £10,000
£200,000 and above 6% £14,000
  1. There is an initial fee of £1,000 to cover first-time approvals and the preparation of agreements. A larger initial fee may be requested depending upon the size and complexity of the scheme.
  2. The fee to cover the agreement preparation and administration is charged at 15% of the supervision fee (minimum fee of £1,000)
  3. These fees exclude safety audits and commuted sums
  4. Balance of fees is payable prior to start of works
  5. Repeat technical approval re-submissions checks and excessive re-inspections will be charged at actual cost plus 15%

For a simple vehicular access to a site or business, or to modify the highway to accommodate minor new developments it may be more appropriate to undertake works under a Section 184 licence. The development implementation team will advise on application of the most appropriate approach.

If you have any questions about applying for either the adoption of new highway or the modification of existing highway please contact the Development Implementation team. Completed applications can also be sent via this address but please be advised that we cannot begin work on your project until we are in receipt of the £1,000 initial fee, application form and initial submission.

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