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Roads – 4. Construction phase

Once we have approved the developer’s design for the proposed highway works the project moves to the construction phase.

The developer must give us sufficient notice of the intention to commence the works. Our permission must also be sought to carry out work in the public highway (by way of a suitable license or notice under S50 New Roads and Street Works Act 1991) so that construction methods and temporary signage for the safe management of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic may be agreed, and the works can be coordinated with other works in the area, such as our highway re-surfacing or utility works in the ground.

Approved contractors

We do not maintain an approved contractor schedule however we do reserve to right to vet the developer’s proposed contractor for these adoptable highway works and other works on the existing public highway.

The developer may wish to consider our construction team for the implementation of the highway and other works. StreetCare Commercial is a section of South Gloucestershire Council carrying out commercially traded work on the open market.

Highways and civil engineering: 01454 863983

Street lighting and electrical: 01454 864011

Notice of commencement

The developer shall give at least ten working days notice in writing to the proper officer advising the date of the intended commencement of any S38 and/or S278 works. The developer’s attention is also drawn to the need to notify the proper officer regarding inspection of the works in progress and prior to adoption, as detailed in the legal agreement.

Initial works

In order to protect the existing public highway the developer shall construct the first twenty metres of estate road up to and including base course construction before any development construction commences. This will generally require a Section 184 licence to create a new vehicular access.

Road Opening Licence or Notice (Section 50 New Roads and Street Works Act 1991)

Any work in the public highway requires the approval of the highway authority before commencement of any such works. Whilst the S278 agreement sets out the terms under which the existing road may be modified, a S50 is required to book the road space (ensuring no clashes with other contractors) and check Street Works accreditations and public liability insurance.

Please refer to our Road opening licence page for further information. Applicants requiring S50 notice for works under a S278 agreement should request “notice only” S50 and quote the project reference.

Licence to create or amend a vehicular crossing over a footway or verge to gain access to the public highway (Section 184)

Where any land abutting the highway is being, or is to be, developed the developer or persons undertaking the works may apply to construct or improve a crossing over a kerbed footway or verge to gain vehicular access to and from the highway. Where a new vehicular access is required on a classified road planning permission will be required (01454 860004) and works may require a Section 106 or Section 278 agreement instead. See Section 184 Licences.

Protection of the existing highway and all road users

Obstruction of the highway

Streetworks, roadworks, skips, scaffolds, hoardings, advertising boards and building materials or vehicles/equipment that block the pavement are all considered to be causing an obstruction to highway users. It is an offence to obstruct the free passage of the highway (Section 137 Highways Act 1980).

Traffic safety

The developer shall comply with the recommendations of the DfT’s Safety At Street Works And Road Works. When alternative one-way (shuttle) working of traffic is required the developer shall provide and maintain approved traffic control light signals and such additional traffic signs as may be required by the proper officer. The signs shall be retro-reflective, adequately illuminated by night in a manner approved by the proper officer, and kept clean and legible at all times. The developer shall reposition, cover or remove signs as required during the progress of the works. A minimum carriageway width of three metres shall be maintained by the developer at all times.

Chapter 8: Traffic Signs Manual 2009

The full proposals for temporary signs and traffic signals in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual 2009 must be submitted for review and approval in advance of any works. This may require a road safety audit.

Protection of the public

The developer shall carry out the works in such a manner as will not interfere with the passage of traffic or pedestrians, and shall erect and maintain adequate hoardings, barriers, and warning lamps to safeguard the public. Access shall be maintained at all times.

Existing roads to be kept clean

Existing roads and accesses to adjacent houses, buildings etc., used by construction traffic, shall be kept clean and clear of mud and material dropped from vehicles. Mud, slurry or material brought onto the road as a result of carrying out the works shall be removed immediately by brushing or other approved means. If required by the proper officer wheel washers shall be installed and used by every vehicle leaving the site, this does not relieve the developer from any responsibilities under Section 59 of the Highways Act 1980.

Mixing of concrete on finished surfaces

Under no circumstances will the mixing of concrete or mortar be permitted on the finished surface of carriageways and footways. We may refuse to adopt roads where these requirements have not been observed and the council will hold the developer, as street manager, responsible for any contravention of this clause by third parties.

Site inspections

Inspection of works will normally be carried out on Monday to Friday during normal working hours (8am to 6pm). A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for inspections by the proper officer. In exceptional circumstances works can be carried out and inspected out of hours when specifically agreed by the proper officer. A minimum of ten working days notice will be required to enable any such request to be considered.

If you have any questions about applying for either the adoption of new highway or the modification of existing highway please contact the Development Implementation team. Completed applications can also be sent via this address but please be advised that we cannot begin work on your project until we are in receipt of the £1,000 initial fee.

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