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Applying for a Blue Badge

The Department for Transport has updated its guidance for Local Authorities in relation to Blue Badge renewal applications. You will no longer be able to use an expired Blue Badge after 30 September 2020. If you continue to use an expired Blue Badge beyond 30 September 2020, you may incur a fine.

We are aware of a website where residents can apply online for a Blue Badge and pay £50.00. South Gloucestershire Council does not charge for Blue Badges issued. If you wish to apply for your Blue Badge online, ensure you only use . We cannot be held responsible for applications submitted through a non official Blue Badge website and cannot refund any monies lost.

Changes to Blue Badge scheme

Following a public consultation on Blue Badge eligibility issues, the Government has introduced changes to the Blue Badge scheme, including adding some new eligibility criteria around ‘Non-Visible (Hidden) Disabilities’.

The new Department for Transport Blue Badge Scheme Local Authority Guidance is now in force, and we are accepting applications under the new criteria. Details on how to apply are below.

The Blue Badge scheme is to help people with severe mobility problems to access goods and services, by allowing them to park close to their destination.

If you wish to apply for or renew a Blue Badge you can either:

The pdf application form can be either

  • downloaded, filled in directly, then saved to your computer and then emailed to us
  • printed out, completed in ink and handed in to a One Stop Shop or posted to the address shown on the form

If you are unable to download the form, you can request a blank form by emailing us.

It can take up to twelve weeks for your application to be assessed and issued to you. We request that you do not call or email us to chase your application during this 12 week period.

South Gloucestershire Council does not currently require payment for Blue Badges.

Note: if you apply online you will be able to upload some or all of your supporting documents to your online application. If you are unable to do this, are applying by paper, or need to supply additional supporting documentation; you will need to provide these (together with your photograph) by email to, by post, or in person by visiting one of our One Stop Shops.


Renewals for customers aged 75 or over

Paper renewal application – If you are over 75 and renewing a South Gloucestershire Council Blue Badge within 3 months of the expiry date, please complete the ’75+ renewal Blue Badge form’. You can download a paper copy of this form from the downloads section of this page; pick one up from a One Stop Shop; or request one by emailing us at

Online renewal application – You will need to complete the full application for a new or renewal Blue Badge. You will need to provide supporting documents and a photograph either by email to, by post, or in person by visiting one of our One Stop Shops.

Blue badges are issued up to a maximum of three years.


The scheme is designed in the form of a personal passport-type document and has space for a photograph of the holder to be displayed. Any new application must be accompanied by a reasonably recent photograph taken from self-service booths or any suitable photographs cut down to a passport photo size. For renewal photographs, we will require a new photograph if there has been a significant change in appearance

Customers suffering from a terminal condition and who have been given a DS1500

If you are suffering from a terminal condition and have been given a DS1500, you will not be able to apply online but should instead complete a ‘Fast track Blue Badge form. This paper form is available under the downloads section of this page. You will need to supply a DS1500 with your application form. You do not need to supply proof of your identity or a photograph.

If you do not have a DS1500 but are eligible for a blue badge under another criteria then you may apply online under that criteria, or alternatively complete the Individual Blue Badge paper application form which is available from the downloads section of this page.


If you are applying for a Blue Badge for an organisation such as a care home you will not be able to apply online but should instead complete an ‘Organisational Blue Badge form’ available under the downloads section of this page.

Badge holder’s responsibility

Blue Badge holders have a duty under Regulation nine (of The Disabled Persons (badges for Motor Vehicles)(England) Regulations 2000) to return the badge to South Gloucestershire Council if;

  • the badge expires
  • the badge holder is no longer eligible or at any time their mobility improves
  • you have a replacement badge and later find the original (please return the original badge)
  • the badge is so damaged/faded that the details on it are illegible
  • the badge is no longer required by the badge holder

Applying under a qualifying benefit

If you are applying on the grounds that you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit, and are entitled to a Blue Badge without further assessment, make sure that you read section 2 of the application form carefully and supply the correct supporting evidence. If the correct evidence is not supplied, this will delay your application.

An example of an eligible PIP letter is available to view in the ‘Downloads’ section of this page.

Supporting evidence

Copies of relevant supporting evidence (for example benefit award letters, medical evidence, Education Health and Care Plan) should be supplied with all applications. Please see the application form and guidance notes for information regarding the evidence needed depending on the criteria you are applying under.

Please note that medical specialists or general practitioners are not obliged to provide supporting evidence for an application and you may be charged should you request it.

Be aware that the Blue Badge remains the property of the issuing local authority, which has the powers to withdraw the badge in some circumstances.

If the badge holder passes away then the executor or administrator of the estate should return the badge to South Gloucestershire Council


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