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Parking enforcement changes

Following feedback from community groups, traders, residents, schools and public transport operators, we have made a few changes to our parking policy:

No grace period

In car parks where there is a limited waiting time, a grace period of 10 minutes will apply over and above the time specified. This also applies to on street limited waiting bays.

There will not be any grace period for illegally parking on street unless the civil enforcement officer determines that there is a valid reason for parking there (i.e. a reason listed in the Parking Enforcement Policy).

This change also applies to vehicles spotted parking on restricted areas outside of schools where penalty charge notices will be issued if even if the car drives off whilst the notice is being written.

Observation periods

A reduction from five to two minutes for:

  • parking in a restricted street during restricted hours
  • parking in a residents’ or shared use parking space without clearly displaying a permit, voucher or pay and display ticket as required for the location
  • parking for longer than permitted
  • parking in an off-street loading area during restricted hours
  • parking in an electric vehicle charging space during restricted hours without charging
  • parking without payment of the parking charge where payment is needed
  • parked in a car park without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket, voucher or parking clock where payment is needed
  • parked in a pay & display car park without clearly displaying two valid pay & display tickets when required

And where the driver is observed by a civil enforcement officer committing an offence – for example where the driver is seen to have left a vehicle to shop or to use a bank cash point – the notice can be issued immediately without an observation time.

Motorbikes parked in car park spaces

If there are no available motorbike spaces in a car park (either because they are not provided, or because all spaces provided are occupied), motorbike riders are permitted to use the spaces for cars otherwise they are not.

Introduction of audio / visual equipment for officers

Audio / visual equipment, which will be worn on uniforms, will be introduced where there is evidence that this is required to improve safety for either or both the public and the civil enforcement officers

Warning notices

Where parking restrictions are changing (such as the introduction of new yellow lines, introduction of residents parking schemes, or a new targeted enforcement focus) warning notices will be issued for a limited time period of two to four weeks, after which, issuing of parking notices will automatically start.

Enforcing parking near/on pavements

Where a traffic regulation order exists enabling enforcement of residential driveways and dropped kerbs and parking more than 50cm away from the curb line the Civil Enforcement Officers can now issue Penalty Charge Notices.

Enforcement of dropped kerbs on footways to enable people to safely cross the road is already enforced.

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