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Kingswood Park

To celebrate the importance of Kingswood Park and to make sure the park remains at the heart of the community in the future, we are working with the Friends of Kingswood Park to apply for a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant (NLHF).

About the park

Kingswood Park sits in the heart of the town of Kingswood. It is one of two traditional parks in South Gloucestershire. Land for the park was acquired 100 years ago in 1921 and was designed and laid out in 1934 by Albert Parks, then park superintendent for Kingswood District Council.

The park’s central location attracts a wide range of user groups and the park hosts many community events throughout the year including South Gloucestershire’s 2019 Armed Forces Day.

National Lottery Heritage Fund

The NLHF offers grants to restore and improve heritage features including parks to benefit more and a wider range of people.

We have spent the last two years gathering as much information as possible and develop a wide range of ideas to encourage more people to use and enjoy the park and celebrate the local heritage. The main aims of our project are to:

  • encourage more and a wider range of people to use and celebrate the park heritage
  • greater use of the park through events and activities
  • provide new play facilities
  • restore paths, walls, masonry and other features
  • share the heritage of the park and research its history
  • improve park facilities for all, making it a central focus for the community and contribute to the economic regeneration of Kingswood High Street
  • investigate providing a new catering facility
  • improve access for people with mobility difficulties
  • explore the option to refurbish or provide new toilet facilities
  • encourage voluntary groups and schools to make greater use of the park
  • improve the park landscape and biodiversity

The bid and project is in partnership with the Friends of Kingswood Park who are committed to supporting these aims and have already made a huge contribution to Kingswood by using the park as focus for positive change and rejuvenation.

How you can help

If you or your group already uses Kingswood Park, or you would like to make better use of the park in the future, or you have ideas for projects which will encourage people to enjoy the park more, please get in touch. We are keen to speak to as many groups and people as possible.

Our bid will reflect the tremendous enthusiasm local people have to experience and care for Kingswood Park. We want to build on the successes of previous activities and events so more people can enjoy this wonderful park.

Our Phase 1 NLHF application is scheduled to be submitted on or before 28 May 2021.

To get involved, or find out more about our application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, please contact the Community Spaces Place Improvements Team (Streetcare):


Call: 01454 868000

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