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Council allotment sites

We own and manage 350 plots across 8 allotment sites as listed below.

If you would like to apply for a South Gloucestershire Council allotment, call us on 01454 863579 or email: and we will register your request for you. If there is a waiting list priority will be given to residents of South Gloucestershire. Please refer to our current Terms and conditions.

Report a problem with an allotment

Council allotment sites

  • Lees Hill Site – Lees Hill, Kingswood, BS15 4TW
  • Lime Road Site – Lime Road, Hanham, BS15 3AR
  • New Cheltenham Road Site – New Cheltenham Road, Kingswood, BS15 4RR
  • Orchard Road Site – Orchard Road, Kingswood, BS15 9TN
  • Pound Road Site – Pound Road, Kingswood, BS15 4QU
  • Syston Way Site – Syston Way, Kingswood, BS15 1TL
  • Waters Road Site – Waters Road, Kingswood, BS15 8EB
  • Woodyleaze Site- Woodyleaze Drive, Kingswood, BS15 3BU

Allotment sites managed by other organisations

There are other allotment sites in the area that are managed by town, parish councils or allotment associations.



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