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First World War travelling exhibition - Hawkesbury

There were many ‘auxiliary’ hospitals around the country during the First World War to help facilitate the care of the wounded, including ones at Horton, Badminton and Hawkesbury Upton.

The Hawkesbury Hospital Hall wasn’t very large and had a tin roof. Two sisters collected autographs from those they nursed and the books contain wonderful drawings, poems and messages from those they looked after.

Here is a poem from one of the patients:

After fighting in Belgium and fighting in France

I found a good home but ’twas only by chance

It was not at Calais or even gay Paris

But at the convalescent hospital at Hawkesbury

With my very best wishes to Nurse Hensley and the others too for their kindness during my stay and period of sickness.

Sergeant E. Rex

Inside Hawkesbury hospital hall

Inside Hawkesbury hospital hall

Staff outside Hawkesbury Hospital hall

Hawkesbury Section of the Red cross detachment, Glos’24. Christmas 1914.

Hawkesbury Upton memorial

Memorial cross, Hawkesbury Upton

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