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First World War travelling exhibition - Champs-sur Marne

Champs-sur-Marne is the twin town of Bradley Stoke. It is in the far suburbs of Paris about 11 miles to the east of the centre. In First World War it was a more rural area.

Champs-sur-Marne endured much suffering throughout the war. This small settlement had many young men fighting on the front. This created much disruption to family life with 86 local men losing their lives during the conflict. A retirement home was converted into a medical centre for injured soldiers.

Food shortages were especially acute and wages were low. Bread supplies were short and the bakery shut in 1914. The council permitted hunting for game to counter meat shortages. In addition extra mouths needed feeding as children from the Alsace German border were evacuated to Champs-sur-Marne for their safety.

In 1919, the town council organised a war memorial paid for by the local residents, dedicated “to the victims of the war”

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