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About South Gloucestershire and the First World War travelling exhibition one

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This exhibition commemorates the First World War by focusing on how the different areas of South Gloucestershire were affected. Whilst the men went off to fight, the factories at home turned their production to vital war work, country houses became convalescent homes and women came into the world of work as never before.

South Gloucestershire made a vital contribution to the war effort, aircraft, motorbikes, even the boots the service men wore were all made, right here in South Gloucestershire.

The exhibition also connects us to some of the experiences of our twinned towns in France.

The banners tell these local stories using copies of original material from the archives of organisations belonging to the South Gloucestershire Museums Group and twinning associations.

Booking details:

The exhibition banners are stored at different South Gloucestershire Museums. Contact Yate Heritage Centre e-mail: to book and liaise with other museums.

The exhibition consists of twelve light weight pull up banners.

Measuring 85cm wide and 200cm high

Each comes in an easy carry case

All twelve easily fit into the boot or back seat of most cars

  • The exhibition is available until December 2018
  • It is FREE to borrow
  • It is not necessary to have the entire exhibition if you do not require it
  • It can be booked for a weekend or for several weeks
  • It is a good learning resource for schools
  • It is good for local events
  • Can be booked in conjunction with the learning resources
  • Can sometimes be accompanied for one day events by volunteers or the engagement officer on request

Yate Heritage Centre

Local First World War commemoration events

We would like to thank the following organisations for their contributions to the exhibition:


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