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About South Gloucestershire and the First World War travelling exhibition two

WW1 exhibition banners

This new exhibition focuses on the social impact of the war in South Gloucestershire, displaying photographs and information about the war’s effects on local women, scouts and even animals, along with information about some of the entertainment and sport that was enjoyed at the time.

Visitors will learn about the contribution made by the women left at home in South Gloucestershire, the local animals that were requisitioned and sent in to battle and there are pictures of local people entertaining themselves with theatre productions and concerts. There is also information about the 1st Downend scout group memorial, local sporting activities, and the fascinating story about the soldier who went through the entire war alongside his horse and then rode it all the way back to the UK from Russia.

These displays include copies of original material from local organisations belonging to the South Gloucestershire Museums Group.

As part of the exhibition, the library service has additionally recommended a range of books about the First World War (both fact and fiction) for adults and children, which are available to borrow through all South Gloucestershire libraries.

Booking details

This exhibition can be booked through the Yate Heritage Centre e-mail:

The exhibition consists of eight light weight pull up banners.

Measuring 85cm wide and 200cm high

Each comes in an easy carry case

All eight banners easily fit into the boot or back seat of most cars

  • The exhibition is available until December 2018
  • It is FREE to borrow.
  • It is not necessary to have the entire exhibition if you do not require it
  • It can be booked for a weekend or for several weeks
  • It is a good learning resource for schools
  • It is good for local events
  • Can be booked in conjunction with the learning resources
  • Can sometimes be accompanied for one day events by volunteers or the engagement officer on request

We would like to thank the following organisations for their contributions to the exhibition:


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