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First World War - Scouting


(Murray Dowding © Gazette series)

‘Be prepared… To die for your country if need be’

Scouts made a huge contribution to the war effort.
• 84,000 former scouts joined up
• 8,000 died
• 16 were awarded Victoria Crosses
• 300 were awarded Military Crosses
• 300 were awarded Military Medal

1st Downend Scout Troop (now the 28th Kingswood Scout Group)
The Downend War Memorial is one of only two First World War scout memorials on public land in the country. It commemorates 6 local boys and their scoutmaster, Rev Philip Alexander, was the curate at Christchurch in Downend. He married the vicar’s daughter, Fannie Dann, niece of W G Grace.

‘Once a scout always a scout.’ Lord Kitchener


Boy Scout and sister at Yate. (Murray Dowding © Gazette series)


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