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Bob Radford born 1868 - Farmer

Robert Radford – Farmer

Robert (Bob) Radford lives at Kingston Farm in Westerleigh near Yate. He is married to Lillie and they have five grown up children. Ellen is the eldest who is a nurse stationed at Abberville Military Hospital in France. Maurice is serving in the Gloucestershire Regiment on the Western Front. George is a stretcher-bearer with the RAMC on the Somme. Both Hannah and Clara, the youngest twins at 17 are working on the farm as land girls.

Bob is very hard working, and he needs to be since two of his four horses were requisitioned by the Army. He still employs his farm labourer, Joe, as the government has said that farm workers are needed at home. Joe is only 27 and is proving to be his weight in gold especially at ploughing time. The country simply doesn’t grow enough food to feed itself and the newspapers are full of stories about German U boats sinking ships bringing food to Britain. Kingston Farm mainly grows wheat – perfect for the bread that Britain needs to grow to feed itself.

Bob and the girls are surprised that the government has introduced Daylight Saving Time so that farmers have more daylight to grow their crops. They find this odd because they don’t do their farming by the clock but by available daylight and regardless of the weather.


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