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Mary Hubert born 1876 - Postmistress


Mary Hubert - PostmistressMary Hubert is a lively and energetic woman with a good social conscience. Her husband Gerald died of cancer just before the war, she lives in Station Road Yate at the Post Office. The shop is in the front room and hallway of the house, it sells newspapers and sweets with a few other things like eggs and local veg in season and cakes, if Mary has had time to bake.

The shop also sells pig feed, she has an arrangement with some of the cottagers who have the feed for free and when the pig is slaughtered half of the pig comes back to the shop.

Mary is a regular at church and often goes to visit the elderly and sick with ‘Beef Tea’ her cure all. She sometimes does the church flowers from her garden and helps to run jumble sales for the war effort.

In this small community Mary has a special arrangement with Mr Richards the Headmaster to have him deliver the odd letter to a couple of soldier’s families where they have difficulty reading. Illiteracy was less of a problem and rarely spoken about, however where there were difficulties sympathetic help was given in confidence.

Mary has two sons Jack (20) and Charley (17) who have enlisted in the army. Charley did so under age and got away with it. Mary gets pretty postcards from Charley regularly but not much from Jack. She is worried and sends them both regular letters and food parcels with cake and a treat of chocolate.

Mary also has two daughters, Aggy (22) who is the post lady, she delivers the letters, parcels and telegrams around the local villages on her bicycle. Aggy likes fashion and often makes the costumes for fund raising entertainments. The youngest is Liza (6) she is the pretty sweetheart of the family, she is doing really well at school and has already been given a certificate of merit for knitting socks for servicemen.


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