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John Richards born 1874 - Headteacher

John Richards - Headteacher

John is the Headteacher at Yate National School. As well as being responsible for educating the poor community spread wide across the semi rural area, John also visits families whose parents have poor literacy skills helping them with any correspondence with sons fighting in the Great War.

Life in class is tough, with one younger teacher already enlisted in the army and the school in constant threat of closure in the interest of the national economy, John relies on support both at home and teaching from his wife Edith.

Their daughter Florence is working as a VAD nurse at Cleeve Hospital in Downend and often dreams of running off to France to serve as a nurse on one of the front line hospitals.

Aside from schoolwork both John and Edith are active in the community organising jumble sales and collections on behalf of the Red Cross. Edith has also become a member of the Gloucestershire War Relief Committee helping distribute supplies for refugees recently settled in the area.


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