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Elizabeth Tucker born 1897 - Munitions worker

Elizabeth Tucker - Munitions worker

Elizabeth works at the Crane’s firework factory in Warmley, which was converted to munitions work in 1914 making mills bombs (hand grenades). She lives in Mangotsfield with her widowed mother and younger sister, her father had died in an accident at the Crown colliery before the war.

Elizabeth is feisty and strong willed with a mind of her own. She is a member of the Warmley Grenadiers’ tug-of-war team set up by the work’s sport club. Their highlight of the year is when they take on the team from the Douglas factory in Kingswood.

At work some of the girls start putting letters to the Tommies on the frontline in with the grenades they box and send to the Western Front. Elizabeth is eventually cajoled into writing a letter that finds its way to the hands of Private Jack Hubert, stationed on the Somme.

Until she started work Elizabeth was never involved in politics, she was aware of the Suffragettes and the Pankhursts, but was never a member of the movement. As the war goes on Elizabeth becomes suspicious of the politician’s war and, convinced that the Government is lying about the casualties of the Battle of the Somme, she becomes involved in politics and the movement for women’s right to vote.


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