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The Hill and the Flux family


Image credit: with kind permission of Frenchay Village Museum

The students will look at how the war affected a large family, typical of many local families, considering the choices and the consequences, which scattered this family all over the world in the aftermath of the war.

A broad curriculum based learning resource, reflecting our rich cultural heritage and encouraging the discussion of challenging issues.
National Curriculum: History/English/RE/Citizenship

There were eleven children between the two families who were cousins. This is the family history of each person. Amy was a VAD nurse, her cousin Mabel, a Land Girl.  Four of the cousins died, but not all in the circumstances you might imagine. One left his autograph on a church wall in France before he was lost in battle during the spring offensive of 1918 and several emigrated to a ‘better life’. Find out where they lived, who survived and what happened after the war.

The Hill and the Flux Family (PDF)

Teacher’s information

This Learning Resource Contains:

  • The family history of twelve of the Hill and Flux family members
  • Activity: Questionnaire and Further Teaching Ideas
  • Other Free First World War Project Learning Resources information
  • Feedback Form
  • This resource can also be used with both the Amy Hill Autograph Book resources and The Great War – Life in the Trenches, learning resources

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