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Empire Foods loans box

EMPIRE FOODS 1914 – 1918 – The War at Sea – Protecting Food Imports

Image © South Gloucestershire Council

The Role of the Navy

Children will learn why both the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy fleets were so important to keep the nation fed 100 years ago, through handling these attractive replica food items.

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During the First World War 60% of the nation’s food was imported from other countries across the world, especially from the British Empire.

This resources enables the children to discover where in the world a range of World War One replica labelled tinned and packet food came from and to have some idea of the long and dangerous journeys taken by the ships to bring the food to the British people in a time of war. And how they were protected by the British Navy.

This learning resource contains

  • 28 WW1 replica labelled tins and packets for handling (Loans Box)*
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Teachers notes for the PowerPoint
  • Teacher’s notes – Lesson 1 – making a replica tea packet
  • Teacher’s notes – Lesson 2 – discovering the sea journeys of the ships
  • Worksheets x 4
  • Word sheet
  • Make a Tea Packet Activity Sheet
  • Empire Food Map

*Loans boxes can be booked through your local South Gloucestershire Museums:

Frenchay Village Museum: e-mail:

Yate and District Heritage Centre: e-mail:

Thornbury and District Museum: e-mail:

Kingswood Heritage Museum: e-mail:

Avon Valley Railway Trust: – contact form

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