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The Transport Archive

The Transport Archive tells the story of Britain’s transport system since the eighteenth century. Using several thousand images, it shows how waterways, railways and aviation have changed our lives. The timeline and maps show how transport networks evolve and grow. The learning zone explores the common themes between transport undertakings and what they teach us.

During the year 2001, the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) requested applications for funds to create a series of Internet based multimedia educational resources, focusing on lifelong learning. Three organisations submitted bids for a grant to digitise, and make available on the Internet, collections of images and objects relating to great transport undertakings. NOF suggested a consortium be formed, maximising resources and producing a cohesive group of web-sites. The result was the creation of the following sections:

  • Aviation Heritage illustrates the huge contribution the people of South Gloucestershire have made to aviation.
  • Bridging the Years describes the impact of the North West’s waterways upon local, national and global society.
  • The Last Main Line examines the Great Central Railway’s ‘London Extension’ from construction to closure and rebirth.

Aviation Heritage charts aviation development at Filton and Patchway in South Gloucestershire from 1910 until the present day. It highlights the national and international contributions made by The Bristol Aeroplane Company and its predecessor and successor companies, including The British Aircraft Corporation, British Aerospace, Rolls-Royce and Airbus. The Aviation Archive project in South Gloucestershire continues to be supported by the South Gloucestershire Museums and Heritage team and many other organisations and individuals. In particular, Bristol Aero Collection (now Aerospace Bristol) and the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust have become part of the Aviation Partnership and provide an administration and enquiry service for the website.

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