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South Gloucestershire Museums Group

South Gloucestershire Museums Group is an unincorporated association. The aims of the group shall be to promote inspiration, learning and enjoyment through the exploration of museum collections for the benefit of local communities and the general public.

Membership shall be open to museums and heritage centres that are open to the public and whose collecting area is wholly or partly within South Gloucestershire.

Meetings take place about four times a year at different museums and are organised by the ex-officio secretary, the South Gloucestershire museums and heritage officer. The meetings include museum development to take the opportunity of providing training and development when representatives of local museums, who may be trustees and/or volunteers or professional staff, come together in one place. Where applicable, downloadable presentations from these sessions are available on this page. 

Group members:

  • Acton Court
  • Aerospace Bristol (Bristol Aerospace Collection Trust)
  • Avon Valley Railway (Avon Valley Railway Trust)
  • Dyrham Park (National Trust)
  • Frenchay Village Museum (Frenchay Tuckett Society)
  • Kingswood Heritage Museum (Kingswood Heritage Museum Trust)
  • South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group
  • Thornbury and District Museum (Thornbury and District Heritage Trust)
  • Rolls Royce Heritage Museum (Rolls Royce Heritage Trust)
  • Winterbourne Medieval Barn (Winterbourne Medieval Barn Trust)
  • Yate and District Heritage Centre (Yate Town Council)

Touring exhibition promotes heritage

We are launching a pop-up travelling exhibition to promote local heritage.

The museums group, has created an exhibition of nine exhibition banners/stands to promote and raise the profile of heritage generally. It is hoped that this will also attract more enquiries of and visitors to each museum and heritage site

As well as an introduction panel, there is a banner for Avon Valley Railway, Frenchay Village Museum, Kingswood Heritage Museum, Thornbury and District Museum, Yate and District Heritage Centre, Acton Court, Winterbourne Medieval Barn, and Aerospace Bristol.

Booking details

  • the exhibition consists of nine light weight pull up banners
  • measuring 85cm wide and 200cm high
  • each comes in an easy carry case
  • all nine banners easily fit into the boot or back seat of most cars
  • the exhibition is available until further notice
  • it is FREE to borrow via a member museum of the South Gloucestershire Museums Group.  The member museum can provide public indemnity insurance cover
  • it can be accompanied for one day events by volunteers or the museums and heritage officer, on request
  • it can be booked for a weekend or for several weeks
  • it is good for local heritage events
  • the museums and heritage leaflet can be provided for distribution

For more information please email

Heritage banners

Museum development in South Gloucestershire

The museum development officer (MDO) for South Gloucestershire, South West Museum Development Programme (SWMDP) and attends museum group meetings.  Information about the SWMDP and the MDO is available at:

South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries

The South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries (the SW Fed) is a voluntary subscription based organisation, representing the museum sector along with Art Galleries in the South West of England.

The federation was formed in 1931 and since then has continued to be the one truly representative and independent voice for museums and the paid and volunteer staff who work in them. For information see:

Thornbury and District Museum – The Kington Disposal Project

This case study on disposal has a take home message – if you do it ‘by the book’ it may not be quick or easy, but can be satisfactorily and rewardingly achieved with support and perseverance.

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