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South Gloucestershire Heritage Partnership meetings

The first heritage partnership meeting was held on 20 April, bringing together South Gloucestershire officers and councillors with members of the heritage community, parish councils and other relevant bodies to share information on what is happening in the heritage sector within South Gloucestershire. It was also an opportunity for us to listen to people’s views and concerns about heritage in order that it can build this into future planning of services

At the meeting, a number of council members suggested that a partnership meeting be held to ensure that new South Gloucestershire members and parish councillors are aware of the range of heritage services we provide. The museums and heritage officer, organised the programme of a meeting on 10 September 2015 and officers were invited too.

One of the 25 people attending commented ‘Very interesting presentations yesterday afternoon – fascinating stuff…. I look forward to receiving the presentations – gives me lot to catch up on!’  We have added the presentations to the South Gloucestershire website to provide access to those who attended and members of the public who are interested in heritage.

A third heritage partnership meeting was held on 8 October to look at how the South Gloucestershire heritage sector can develop links and work with learning organisations. The event was open to anyone who has an interest in the heritage of South Gloucestershire and 32 people attended. The presentations for this meeting are also available here.

Heritage Partnership meetings will take place once or twice a year to provide updates on the range of heritage services and projects in South Gloucestershire.  The agendas and presentations will be placed on the web site here to provide access for all.

If you have a project you would like to promote at the next meeting or have any questions about the content, please contact us.


Meetings and presentations

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