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Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice.

Open Access terms and conditions

Open Access is available for registered Open Access users in our 12 main libraries.

Registered Open Access users are subject to the following terms and conditions of use and additional Coronavirus (Covid-19) safety measures.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) safety measures

Thank you for helping us to keep yourself and others safe by following Government guidance whilst using Open Access:

  • do not enter the library if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus or have tested positive
  • follow the latest Government guidance on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of Coronavirus
  • wear a face covering
  • scan the QR code in the NHS Test and Trace app if you have it
  • respect others’ space
  • use the hand sanitiser provided
  • so you can be sure the computer equipment is clean, wipes are available to use before you logon

Terms and conditions of use

  1. you need to be a current library member and aged 16 years or over
  2. you must have no history of misusing library services in the last year
  3. do not let anyone else use your library card to access the library or share your PIN
  4. each adult must be a registered Open Access user to enter the library outside staffed hours
  5. all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or carer at all times who will be responsible for their safety
  6. doors open when anyone walks towards them from inside, so please be vigilant if you have young children with you
  7. from your child’s 16th birthday, they should complete an induction and register for Open Access in their own name
  8. when entering or leaving the library, please take all reasonable steps to ensure no one else enters at the same time
  9. you will be held responsible for the behaviour of anyone you intentionally allow in – if others have entered outside of your control and you are uncomfortable either leave the library, use the red help phone (details below) or phone the contact centre on 01454 868006 in staffed hours or the Bristol Monitoring centre on 01454 868009 out of staffed hours
  10. make sure you leave the library (with all belongings) as directed by the pre-recorded messages and dimming of lights when the service close – you will receive a verbal warning 15 and 5 minutes before the library is due to close and lights will start to be switched off
  11. any loanable item taken from the library must be borrowed through the self-service kiosks
  12. please use all equipment and services responsibly and respect others using the space
  13. as staff are not present other people may be using the library but are unable to assist you – individual staff members may appear, especially in the morning to set the library up and again may not be able to help
  14. groups such as Community Learning IT sessions will continue to use the library during Open Access hours
  15. use of the library when unstaffed is at your own risk, please consider any health or other issues that need to be taken into account
  16. for your safety CCTV is installed with 24/7 images recorded

We will record your use as part of the NHS Test and Trace requirement.

Find out how to register for Open Access

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions as required and will notify registered Open Access users via email and update our website at

For our data protection and privacy statement, see the LibrariesWest website


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