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Chatterbooks reading groups

Come and join Chatterbooks  – a fun, free book club for children age 7 to 11 years

Chatterbooks groups are where children have a great time talking about what they are reading and take part in fun activities inspired by the best children’s books.  Chatterbooks reading groups help children build a lifelong reading habit.

Cadbury Heath Library


Chatterbooks will be coming to more libraries soon, check back for updates.

My daughter does like to go to the Chatterbooks and she attended it on a nearly regularly basis.
She enjoyed talking about the books, particularly stories and it definitely encouraged her to keep an interest for books.
She reads daily and even more during weekends. Thank you for running this activity!


I think that Chatterbooks is great – it’s all about books!
I recommend this club to anyone who enjoys reading and having fun with other people.

(Chatterbooks group member)

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