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Equality impact assessment and analysis

Equality analysis is the process of finding out whether an existing or proposed action has a differential impact on different groups of people (e.g. older people, younger people, men, women etc.). It is about an organisation assessing the consequences of their actions in relation to equality.

The council consults widely – internally and externally with staff and community groups as well as with individuals – in order to take a comprehensive approach to our Equality Impact Assessment and Analysis (EqIAA) process and fully understand changes and developments required to improve the services we deliver for all people.

Key routes which we use to consult are via the South Gloucestershire Equalities Forum and our online consultation systems. We also ensure that wide consultation is conducted in relation to specific policies, procedures and practices.

Our approach ensures that we pay due regard to equality, taking a proportionate, timely approach to assessing equalities issues which is properly considered from the outset along with a clear audit trail.

List of equality impact assessments by year of completion

Please also check our Committee papers if you are unable to locate a specific assessment in the table below.


Department Title
CAH DSG Deficit Recovery Programme – Early Years
CECR Revenue Budget and Capital Programme


Department Title
ECS Thornbury High Street Vision
CECR Revenue Budget and Capital Programme
ECS Green Infrastructure Strategy 2021


Department Title
CECR Revenue Budget and Capital Programme
CECR Council Plan 2020 – 2024 
CAH Drugs Strategy 2020 – 2025
CAH Alcohol Strategy 2020 – 2025


Department Title
ECS ECS restructure – updated
ECS ECS restructure – initial
CAH Early Help Strategy 2019-2024
CAH Homelessness Strategy
CAH Young People’s Housing Related Support Schemes
CECR Council Revenue Budget and Capital Programme
CAH SEND Ready Reckoner
CAH Schools and Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Budget
CAH Schools and Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Clusters Pilot










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