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Advice for students

In South Gloucestershire we provide a weekly recycling collection and fortnightly collection of non-recyclable waste.

To make sure your recycling and waste is collected it’s important to put it out in the right way.

Make sure you:

  • Check what can and can’t be collected for recycling if you live in a house or a flat
  • Check your collection day
  • Sort your recycling in the containers that we provide. ‘Jumbled’ boxes might not be emptied.
  • Empty and rinse recyclable food packaging. We can’t recycle items that contain food or liquid.
  • Line your food recycling bin with an ordinary plastic bag, compostable bag or paper to keep it clean and prevent spillages
  • Keep the black bin lid must be closed for collection. Waste left next to the bin will not be collected
  • Order extra recycling containers free of charge

Extra waste or recycling

Do you have too much waste or recycling for your bin or containers? Find out what to do with extra waste and recycling.

Large household items

The Sort It recycling centres are to be used for the disposal of any large items such as furniture, fridges as well as additional waste.

Find out what you can recycle at your local Sort It recycling centre.

You can also arrange for large household items to be collected from your home.

Information for landlords

If you are a landlord of a student property, it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities as the owner of the property to prevent issues with waste or anti-social behaviour. We recommend that you make your tenants aware of the waste and recycling policies of the local area when they move in.

  • Waste and recycling must be put out for collection in the containers that we provide by 7:00am on the scheduled collection day (Environmental Protection Act 1990. Section 46)
  • Any waste stored on the property must be fully contained (Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Section 215)
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