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Litter picking

Litter picking is great way to help clean up your neighbourhood and help protect the environment. If you’d like to carry out regular litter picking in your community, or a one-off event, we have litter pickers, gloves and bag hoops available to borrow free of charge.

Download a booking form or contact to book your equipment.


If you organise a litter picking group or event, stay safe and protect others by following all current Covid-19 guidance.

Recycling litter

You can take the rubbish from your litter pick to your local Sort It recycling centre. It is much easier to separate recyclable and non-recyclable litter into different sacks during your litter pick. We can provide clear plastic bags to separate cans and plastic bottles for recycling. For more information about recycling, visit our waste and recycling page.

You can also contact us to arrange collection of your rubbish at

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