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Supplementary planning guidance

Supplementary Planning Document

The Affordable Housing and Extra Care Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was refreshed and adopted in April 2021.

This update contains detailed advice and direction on the implementation of South Gloucestershire Core Strategy policies CS18 (Affordable Housing), CS19 (Rural Housing Exception Sites) and CS20 (Extra Care Housing) and refers to national policy and guidance published since the adoption of the Core Strategy in December 2013 and the Affordable Housing and Extra Care Housing SPD in May 2014, which supersede some of the provisions of Policy CS18

The national guidance was introduced by Written Ministerial Statements, updates to the National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) and the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which was published in July 2018, and with minor amendments in February 2019. The main changes, some of which supersede previous Core Strategy policies and some of which is additional, relate to:

  • the definition of Affordable Housing
  • the threshold size of residential development, above which a contribution to Affordable Housing must be made
  • affordable housing space and access standards
  • viability
  • Vacant Building Credit

More detailed guidance on the above changes is included in the updated SPD 2021, with the exception of the Vacant Building Credit.

Technical Advice Notes (TANs)

Vacant Building Credit

The NPPG: Planning Obligations also introduced the Vacant Building Credit.

The purpose of the credit is to encourage brownfield development where a vacant building is brought back into lawful use or is demolished to be replaced by a new building. It allows a reduction in any affordable housing contribution, equivalent to the floorspace of the existing vacant building.

We will apply the Vacant Building Credit as appropriate, according to the guidance contained in the Vacant Building Credit TAN, which also contains the method for calculating the credit.

First Homes

In February 2020, the government consulted on First Homes, a form of discount market sale product for new-build properties sold with at least a 30% discount on the market price to eligible first time buyers with a joint household income below £80,000. Other criteria also apply. First Homes was introduced as national policy through a Written Ministerial Statement and the National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG), both published on 24 May 2021.

First Homes expands the availability of home ownership as Affordable Housing and is required as 25% of Affordable Housing delivered through planning policy.

In due course, the Council will set out its policy on First Homes delivery in a new Local Plan. Until then, First Homes will be delivered according to national guidance, with regard to the Council’s guidance in the First Homes TAN.

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