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New Energy Efficiency Standards for Private Landlords

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES), came into force in England and Wales on 1st April 2018 and applies to private rented residential properties. The regulations are aimed at encouraging landlords and property owners to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. From 1st April 2018 properties that have an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of F or G are not permitted to be to re-let to new or existing tenants, until sufficient energy measures have been carried out to improve the rating to an E or above. From 1st April 2020 this will also apply to existing tenancies and landlords will not be able to continue letting a property with an F or G rating.

It will be unlawful to rent a property which breaches the requirement for a minimum E rating, unless there is an applicable exemption.  A civil penalty of up to £4,000 will be imposed for breaches.

As of April 2019 a landlord of a property rated F or G will need to self-fund any improvements if they cannot obtain third party funding. This requirement will apply before the property is let on a new tenancy, or by April 2020 if no new tenancy has been entered into.

The spend per property is capped at £3,500 per F or G property. This cap is an upper ceiling, not a target or a spend requirement (although a landlord may spend more if they wish). If a landlord can improve their property to E (or higher) for less than £3,500 then they will have met their obligation. If the cost of recommended works exceeds the cost cap, the landlord can register an exemption on the PRS Exemptions Register. If a landlord is unable to improve their property to EPC band E for £3,500 they should install all measures which can be installed up to £3,500, then register an exemption on the PRS Exemption Register.

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Home energy loan

South Gloucestershire residents can apply for a loan to improve their homes with energy efficiency measures and renewable technology installations. To find out more please refer to the local Warm and Well Scheme at

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