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Our council tax (01454 868003) and benefits (01454 868002) telephone lines are currently unavailable. Please call 01454 868009 instead and you will be redirected to the correct service area. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will let you know once this has been resolved.

Private rented housing – guidance and useful links

The Government’s How to rent guide is for tenants in private rented housing. It will help you understand your rights and responsibilities. It provides a checklist and more detailed information on each stage of the process.

The How to rent a safe home gives a more detailed explanation of the main hazards you can find in a rental property which suggest it may not be safe for you to live in. It also explains your landlord’s duties and what you can do if you have concerns or need to make a complaint

How to report an issue
We have set up a letter template which you can use to send the details of the problem(s) that you are experiencing to the landlord/agent of the property.  If, after you have sent the letter requesting an inspection and work to be carried out, you do not receive a response and no work is undertaken then please contact the Private Sector Housing Team Your case will then be logged on our system as a service request.

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