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Flats waste and recycling service – information for management companies

We operate a comprehensive waste collection service to residents living in flats.

To make sure that the bins are emptied:

  • lids must be closed
  • recycling bins must contain the correct items
  • no waste can be left on top of or next to them
  • no large household items, such as furniture or large electrical appliances can placed in the bins or left in the bin store area
  • all cardboard must be flattened and any plastic and polystyrene packing is removed

Management companies and residents need to ensure that the bin areas are accessible to collections crews and do not become blocked with excessive waste or large items such furniture or domestic appliances.

If the bin areas become unacceptable it is the responsibility of the management company to return the bin store to an acceptable condition before we will re-commence collections.

It is recommended that tenancy agreements include terms and condition identifying the course of action to be taken when residents abuse facilities.

The majority of locations are visited fortnightly for collections, with the exception of the certain sites which due to lack of space will receive a weekly collection.

If any changes are made to access the bin storage areas e.g. new codes or locks, they must be communicated to us as soon as possible to ensure a continued collection service.

Residents with unwanted large household items can arrange collection.

Residents can also use the Sort It recycling centres.

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