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Housing improvements and repairs loans

We offer a range of support and advice for homeowners, private landlords and tenants in privately rented housing, as well as people who may be looking for privately rented accommodation.


Home owners unable to manage essential repairs and maintenance work may be eligible for a low interest loan. If you or a member of your household are disabled and need adaptations to your home to help we may be able to fund the work.

If you are having problems with your mortgage repayments we may be able to help; download our leaflet Are you worried about your mortgage.

If you own or live in a house in multiple occupation (HMO) with three or more storeys (this includes basements and attics used for living accommodation) and there are five or more residents, then it will need a licence from us. This is a mandatory requirement and it is an offence for anyone to operate such a property without a licence.

Private landlords

We work with private landlords to make sure they maintain high standards in their tenants’ homes. We produce an information manual for landlords that gives details about the standards they must meet, tenancy issues, and the services we provide

Gas appliances must be serviced regularly to keep them safe and working properly. Landlords are legally required to have all gas appliances serviced annually by Gas Safe registered engineer. Landlords must keep a record of safety checks and issue tenants with a copy of the current certificate

From April 2018 landlords will no longer be able to rent out properties with an energy rating of an F or G. South Gloucestershire Council may be able to offer low interest loans to assist with energy efficiency improvements. For further information visit


If you are looking for accommodation we have produced a Guide for looking for accommodation. SG Homes can also help, it is a property management and letting agency, for more information download our leaflet SG Homes.

Rent a Room Scheme is when someone rents out a furnished room or an entire floor of the house that they live in.

Tenants in rented accommodation who are living in poor or hazardous conditions can get help. Under the housing health and safety rating system an officer will look at a range of hazards including damp, cold, pollutants, fire, electrical safety, falls, overcrowding, food safety, sanitation and structural problems. If hazards are present, we will contact your landlord and advise the works needed to remedy them. If the landlord is uncooperative or if works are required urgently, an enforcement notice will be served.

If you are having problems with your landlord, we can help you. We can offer advice if your landlord is harassing you, you have been illegally evicted, you are having problems with your rent, or your deposit, or if your landlord will not do repairs. Contact us on the number shown, or call into a One Stop Shop (Kingswood, Yate or Thornbury).

For further information for landlords and tenants on licensing, fire safety, HMOs, the West of England Rental Standard, tenancy information, training, housing inspections please go to the West of England Private Housing information website.

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