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Housing strategy and plans

The Housing Strategy sets out the approach to helping everyone in South Gloucestershire to access housing that they need and can afford. It will be accompanied by a clear action plan to tackle the major local housing issues which have been identified and prioritised.

The Housing Strategy for South Gloucestershire 2013-18 was approved by Adults and Housing Committee on 3 July 2013.

This strategy sets out our vision for housing in South Gloucestershire.

It sets out four major themes and under each one, the ambitions we want to achieve, based on the themes set out in the South Gloucestershire Sustainable Communities Strategy.

  • Housing and our economy: Affordable, sustainable and investing in communities
  • Housing and healthier living:Quality, choice, right for you
  • Housing within communities:Friendly, safe communities we are proud of
  • Housing and our place:Well-planned places for a greener future

At the heart of our vision is the recognition that housing is far more than just a roof over our heads; it is a fundamental part of everyone’s life and has an impact on our health and wellbeing, sense of belonging, economic prosperity and our children’s educational attainment.

We want everyone in South Gloucestershire to be able to live in a good quality home that meets their needs and that they can afford.  We will work with partners to tackle the range of housing issues that affect our residents.

This strategy sets the direction for housing in South Gloucestershire over the next five years, to 2018. It is a living document that will be reviewed regularly to ensure it continues to respond to the housing needs and aspirations of our residents.

It has been developed by a project team on behalf of the Strategic Housing Partnership for South Gloucestershire (SHP4SG) and the South Gloucestershire Housing Group – made up of partners who are committed to providing housing solutions and/or related support to people across the district.  An action plan to deliver the strategy will be developed separately to be in place by Jan 2014.

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