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The HomeChoice service is responsible for housing options, housing advice and homelessness, the housing register (waiting list) and the choice based lettings system (the way that we let social housing in South Gloucestershire).

Applicants for social housing are prioritised by placing them in one of four categories, which makes it easy for people to see their level of priority. There is a high demand for housing in the district and a shortage of suitable properties, which means that applicants can wait a long time before they bid successfully. Most people who apply to us will never receive an offer of housing, even if they are in a higher category. Because of this, our housing system offers advice and information on other housing options, and enables you to complete our Housing Options Wizard to see which of these are suitable for you.

HomeChoice gives a clear picture of the properties available and real-time information on how many people are bidding for a property, including where bidders are on the shortlist at that time, and the priority of the successful bidder. This provides customers with a realistic view of the current situation and helps you to identify if there are properties or areas that are less popular that you could consider.

You can register an application on HomeChoice if you have a local connection. When you have registered, we will send you confirmation of your registration number, your priority for housing and the size and type of properties you are eligible for. Once you receive your registration details, you can bid for properties that you are interested in.

You can read our frequently asked questions for more information about the way that the scheme works.

Council or Housing Association Tenants

If you are a Council, or a Housing Association tenant and you would like to move, you may wish to consider a mutual exchange, as this is often the quickest and easiest way to find a new home. A mutual exchange allows you to find another Council, or Housing Association tenant to swap your home with.

It is down to you to find an exchange partner. Homeswapper is a national register, which provides a listing of all the homes available for exchange across the whole country. You can log onto the Homeswapper website to advertise your home and look for people to exchange with.

Permission to exchange is not automatic – all applications must be formally approved by their landlord before the move.

If you have any further questions about swapping your home, please speak to your housing officer.

The HomeChoice service does not set up, sponsor or participate in any Facebook groups or any other social media relating to housing advice, housing applications or HomeSwap.

If you have any queries at all, please contact us using the links on the side of this page.

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