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Physical activity strategy

This document sets out a framework for promoting physical activity in South Gloucestershire and the commitment to the long term approach of increasing the uptake of physical activity everyday within South Gloucestershire.

The process for developing this document has been one of collaboration and coordinated discussion using the platform of The South Gloucestershire Physical Activity Strategic Partnership to secure and align stakeholder commitment. This approach has energised local partners who will continue to help drive implementation forwards through detailed action plans. The partnership is supported by a range of partners who all have made vital contributions to developing the strategy, including the voluntary and the private sector, statutory organisations, Wesport and Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences at the University of Bristol.

We are aware of the challenge and at a local level, currently around a quarter of the adult population in South Gloucestershire are not managing 30 minutes of physical activity a week. Whereas national guidelines suggest adults should be active for 30 minutes on at least five days per week. As a local authority, we have the responsibility of championing increasing everyone’s activity every day. In South Gloucestershire we want to increase the number of people being active at the levels that will promote their health and wellbeing.

This strategy recognises that a significant amount of good work is already happening across the district, and we want to support and scale up interventions that make people active but also to recognise the importance of integrating incidental activity in to our daily lives. The strategy also recognises that participation in physical activity can take many forms and the way people participate will continually change to reflect lifestyle pressures in order to have a sustained effect.

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