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Breastfeeding research project

This research about mothers’ early experiences of infant feeding was developed following discussions about South Gloucestershire’s public health priorities for breastfeeding.

Locally, we have data on breastfeeding initiation and continuation rates which is routinely available, however, there is limited understanding around the reasons why mothers discontinue breastfeeding. We carried out this qualitative research with the aim of understanding more about breastfeeding for local mothers in particular their experience of support and using the findings to inform and improve local service planning.

As a small piece of qualitative research, the findings cannot be generalised within, or beyond, South Gloucestershire but are useful in furthering our understanding around how mothers perceive their experience of support for breastfeeding.

We funded the research which was completed between May and October 2016. The research team worked in collaboration with the University of the West of England. A number of recommendations are made; these are mainly directed towards South Gloucestershire Council but are also of relevance to the wider partnership of health and community and voluntary sector agencies.

For more information please read our report and summary in the downloads section.

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