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How much could flu vaccinations save you?

As in previous years, the health and social care workforce is eligible to help protect them from illness and reduce the risk of frontline workers spreading infection to patients, particularly those in vulnerable groups. However, there is also a strong economic case for offering the flu vaccine to your staff this winter to help reduce sickness absence.

This tool can help you to estimate the impact of achieving a good uptake of flu vaccine in your workforce. Complete the form below and the saving estimates update automatically.

Flu vaccination calculator

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Frontline health and social care workers have a duty of care to protect their patients and service users from infection. This includes getting vaccinated against flu. Immunisation against influenza should also form part of healthcare organisations’ policy for the prevention of transmission of influenza to protect patients, staff and visitors. Vaccination of healthcare workers with direct patient contact against influenza has been shown to significantly lower rates of influenza-like illness, hospitalisation and mortality in the elderly in long term healthcare settings. You can read more about the benefits of vaccination for health and social care staff on pages 43-45 of this year’s National Flu Plan – see related links on the right of this page.

Employers are responsible for arranging and paying for vaccinations for their eligible staffs. Although no national or local funding is available to support this, the modelled reduction in costs is likely to far exceed the cost of the vaccines and administration.

This tool has been developed by the Public Health and Wellbeing Team in partnership with the Health and Safety Team at South Gloucestershire Council.

The model uses statistics drawn from available research evidence. However it should only be used as a guide and South Gloucestershire Council accepts no liability for costs or losses incurred through its use.

There are many providers of vaccination services and you should identify one which provides the best value for your organisation and circumstances.

The model uses a vaccine unit cost price of £6 per person. For further information about the model or to provide feedback, please contact

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