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Community risks

We have a responsibility under the Civil Contingencies Act and other associated legislation to identify, plan for, and prepare for risks that are reasonably foreseeable. It completes this work in partnership with the emergency services and other professional partners under the auspice of the Local Resilience Forum (LRF). The LRF publishes a document known as the Community Risk Register. This document highlights all of the identified risks within Avon and Somerset, and prioritises them according to a national risk matrix. The document covers hazards such as:

  • Flooding
  • Hazardous chemicals and Control of Major Accident Hazards
  • Accidental releases of radiation from licensed nuclear sites
  • Pipeline accidents
  • Severe Weather related and untoward natural events
  • Transport Accidents
  • Outbreaks of diseases (both anima and human)

It is important to recognise that although each individual hazard will present responders with different challenges, (which may require a specialist approach), the information provided to the community and the public will be the same for each individually identified hazard within the local area.

As with any other county within the UK, South Gloucestershire has the potential for incidents such as those listed above. This makes it all the more important to be prepared for the unexpected.

The Emergency Planning unit provides guides to how to prepare for a range of emergencies and these can be downloaded from this site. Additionally, the unit provides free advice to residents and business owners. For more information, please contact the Emergency Planning Unit.

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