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Civil emergencies - support

In the event of a major incident, the council may be asked by the emergency services to establish a rest centre, which will provide temporary accommodation to those people that have been evacuated from the affected area, and cannot return to their homes.

In some circumstances the rest centre will receive people who have been directly involved with the incident, and be suffering from stress reactions, and will need some form of support to ensure that they recover from the experience which may have been traumatic for them.

Should a rest centre be activated the council will dispatch a Crisis Support Team to the location. These are trained and professional social workers who work for the council, who have the responsibility looking after the people who need help and support. They provide immediate support to those who have been affected – experience has shown that the sooner people who have been traumatized by an event are seen by trained staff, then they have a significantly lower risk of being psychologically affected for the longer term. Part of the support provided by the team will be providing information on other services available to them once they have left the rest centre and the incident is over.

What you can expect at a rest centre

A rest centre will be set up as an emergency response. Therefore, facilities will be very basic especially at the start of any emergency. We will be able to provide hot drinks and light snacks, toilet and washing facilities, and seating. Should the rest centre be required for a longer period we will be able to supply air beds and basic disposable bedding along with other facilities to improve the comfort of those that have been evacuated.

Facilities for pets will be limited to an area where pet cages can be stored. We cannot supply bedding, cages, or food for pets though we can supply water. We will try and provide an area for dogs, but this cannot be guaranteed. We have more information on pets in rest centres.

We have prepared a guidance sheet on how you can prepare for an evacuation.

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