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Better Care South Gloucestershire

Health and care services in South Gloucestershire are changing. We’re working with South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and other members of the South Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Board, on a new approach that aims to meet the needs of our ageing population by transforming the way that health and care services work together.

Called Better Care South Gloucestershire, our approach focuses on putting individuals, especially the frail and elderly, at the heart of joined-up health and care services and supporting them to live safely and independently in their communities so that they have fewer health crises and fewer admissions to hospital.

This approach draws on national best practice as well as feedback from local people, who say that better care means:

  • always being treated with dignity and respect
  • having more say over your care
  • only having to ‘tell your story’ once, rather than to lots of different care professionals
  • being supported to look after yourself, to live independently and healthily as long as you wish
  • being cared for as close to home as possible, with services available in the community 24 hours a day and seven days a week

Our approach also reflects feedback from people who work and volunteer in health and care, who say that better care means:

  • being able to share information with colleagues safely, quickly and easily
  • changing the ‘back office’ systems and procedures that affect people’s care, like IT and staff training, to help ‘join up’ services
  • reducing duplication, and working together in a more co-ordinated way to deliver a better service

Why we need Better Care

Delivering Better Care is a big challenge, but a necessary one. In South Gloucestershire as in other parts of the country, we’re all living longer, which is great news – the number of over 85s in the population is expected to triple to over 15,300 by 2035. However as we age we tend to use services more intensively, and this is leading to rising demand for services, with limited resources available to meet this additional demand.

To respond to this challenge services need to work smarter, reducing duplication and making sure that resources are targeted where they’re needed the most. We also need to help people to help themselves to better physical and emotional health, recognising that people are happiest and healthiest when they’re active and valued members of their communities, supported by a network of family and friends.

Our vision is for a joined-up health and care system that has the individual at the centre and empowers them to remain independent and well for as long as possible.

How we will work

Our focus will be on people, their stories, their needs and aspirations. We recognise that everyone is different so our response will vary from person to person but as a minimum we will:

  • listen to your story
  • connect you with your community and help you access local support groups and sources of information
  • ensure you get the health and social care you need, when you need it, in a way that supports your goals
  • put your needs before those of the organisation
  • prevent ill-health wherever we can

When the changes will start

There’s already a lot going on to help realise our vision, including district-wide initiatives to expand and enhance community health services, improve information sharing between care professionals, enhance the role of our care homes and promote a more ‘dementia friendly’ South Gloucestershire.

We’ve also launched a project to develop a community-based model of health and care support, focused on six ‘clusters’ of GP practices covering the whole of South Gloucestershire. For more information on the community-based model of health and care support visit this page.

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