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Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice.

Independent living – where to start

In South Gloucestershire we want to give people greater flexibility, independence, choice and control over the support they receive, to continue to lead full and active lives, contributing to their community and working if possible. We know that people are increasingly choosing to meet their care and support needs in a variety of different ways. The following gives you some important information about the range of support available:

  1. Staying independent at home
  2. Choosing the support that’s right for you
  3. If you need further help, advice or an assessment
  4. How much will it cost?

1. Staying independent at home

In many cases, having the right information or taking simple, practical measures will keep people living in their own home with the level of independence they want for much longer.

A useful website called is available to everyone in South Gloucestershire and the surrounding area listing services that could help to improve your health and well-being – helping you plan ahead and avert crises.

Trained Well Aware staff can help you find the support you need. Call free by phone on 0808 808 5252 or write to Information Services at The Care Forum, The Vassall Centre, Gill Avenue, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2QQ.

Well Aware can give you information, advice and contact details of organisations such as Age UK South Gloucestershire, the Alzheimers Society, and WE Care & Repair, who offer support to older and disabled people.

Further general advice can also be found at

2. Choosing the support that’s right for you

If your needs are straightforward, we can advise and signpost you to resources accessible in your community. There are a wide range of organisations offering support, many of which you can go to directly without having to come through the council first.

The following pages will help you to find the right information and support for you:

3. If you still need further help or advice please contact the council

If you haven’t found what you are looking for on the pages above, you can contact the council for free information and advice on 01454 868007 or email

To find out more about what the council can offer see our adult social care factsheet CCH122.

4. How much does support cost?

Some services from the community and voluntary sector are offered for free, for example befriending services. For help in the home with personal care there is a charge, and this will vary from provider to provider. You can choose to make your arrangements to receive help in the home, in which case the factsheet on Care and Support Providers will provide useful information.

If you aren’t able to meet the cost of the support yourself, the council may be able to help. There is no charge for advice, information or assessment from the council – this is when we discuss with you what you are able to do, what you need help with, and what you want to achieve by having support, and this helps us decide if you meet our eligibility criteria for support. If you are eligible for support from the council, we will let you know how much we think it should cost to meet your needs – this is called a personal budget. We only provide services to people whose level of need is assessed as being substantial or critical. If you do not have needs at this level we will signpost you to other sources of support.

Depending on your financial circumstances the council may be able to meet some of the cost of the support we have assessed you as needing. If we provide support and services to help you live independently at home and you have over £23,250 in savings, you will be charged the full cost of any services arranged. For further information about charges for support at home see funding care and support and for information on care home charges see Care and support in residential homes: information on charges.

You can request an estimate for the cost of your support by contacting the Financial and Benefits Team by e-mail to or by calling 01454 864269.


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