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South Gloucestershire Employment Network

The employment network is a provider group that has been established in response to addressing the requirements in PSA16 Delivery Agreement by ensuring that the most disadvantaged adults in South Gloucestershire are offered the chance to engage in paid employment.

The group recognises that there are commonalities between the barriers that prevent disadvantaged groups accessing employment; one generic group will provide a co-ordinated approach to overcoming some of these difficulties.


  • share models of good practice
  • to increase the range of employment opportunities for South Gloucestershire disadvantaged adults
  • foster joint planning and partnership working
  • liaise with existing employment networks to raise the profile of employment for people who are disadvantaged in the employment market
  • promote the work of the forum with relevant organisations, employers and the wider business community
  • prevent duplication of work between agencies and organisations


  • NHS South Gloucestershire
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Brandon Trust
  • South Gloucestershire Autism Planning Group
  • Mencap Pathway
  • Working links
  • City of Bristol College
  • Filton College
  • Access to Work
  • South Gloucestershire Department for Children, Adults and Health
  • Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
  • Shaw Trust
  • Business Link
  • Chamber of Commerce

Membership can be from any provider organisation that supports people who are disadvantaged in the employment market.

Frequency of meetings


Chairing and reporting arrangements

The South Gloucestershire Employment Network will initially be chaired by a senior officer of South Gloucestershire Council.

The chair will be responsible for ensuring that there is effective communication between all members of the Network.

The minutes of the Employment Network will be regularly discussed at the:

  • Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Learning Difficulties Partnership Board
  • The Mental Health Local Implementation Team
  • The Autism Planning Group

Agenda and supporting documents will be finalised one week before the meeting. All Network members will be expected to contribute to the agenda.

A deputy to be identified when appropriate if members are unable to attend.

Individuals can be co-opted or invited to attend the meeting as required.

The Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.

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