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The difference Breakthrough makes

Breakthrough is currently working with over 300 people of all ages giving support to make positive changes to lives.


Breakthrough mentoring has received some amazing feedback from a variety of referring organisations, parents and mentees regarding the work we have been doing over the last year. We have highlighted a few of these below.

In my opinion, Breakthrough is an excellent mentoring service that is very well placed within the South Gloucestershire Council Building. It is available for emergency support at times of crisis, as well as regular informal updates, which is extremely helpful to the professionals working with our young people. The fact that the service is on site, means that Breakthrough is efficient and timely, reducing delay for our young people. They are a strong and dedicated preventative service.Senior practitioner in the 0 – 25 team

I have worked with Breakthrough on a number of child in need and child protection cases, and have found Breakthrough a great source of support for families during periods of instability within the home environment.  The young people I have worked with have always given very positive feedback of Breakthrough.Social worker South locality team

Breakthrough are the unsung heroes who do the unnoticed things that really make a difference.Parent

Breakthrough saved my life!Mentee

Without Breakthrough I don’t know where my Son would be, they have the range of staff to offer a match to C’s needs and he has grown so much overcoming phobias of heights small spaces and dirt, learning to be part of a society that he was very isolated from.  When we walk through the shop everyone says hello to him.” Parent

Reasons to choose Breakthrough

Ten reasons to choose to use the Breakthrough project.​

  1. Activity based mentoring – Breakthrough placements are all build around positive activities. These activities may be sporting, cultural, vocational or indeed anything the mentee wants to do. They give space for relationships to develop and young people to develop long term interests.
  2. Regular support – Breakthrough supports each mentee at times that suits the mentees needs
  3. Flexible support – The support package fits around the mentee in terms of when it happens and how it is structured
  4. Swift support – From referral to a placement starting is usually within two weeks.
  5. User led support (bespoke) – Young people are central to the process of agreeing both activities and the personal targets. All young people are unique.
  6. Community based – Key to what we do is helping the mentee find their place in the local community.
  7. Multi agency approach – We share information and link with a range of agencies and able to play a part in the Single Assessment Framework (SAF) process.
  8. Safeguarding vulnerable people – Our mentors are often the first to pick up on concerns around the mentee they support and are able to quickly pass on information to other agencies, as outlined in our safeguarding policy.
  9. Sustainable – As the placement ends we aim to have developed a sustainable support network around the mentee so changes in behaviour are long term.
  10. Evidence based – We gather performance information and also work with the university to provide more independent evidence.

Breakthrough makes a difference and works hard to enhance people’s lives by offering a bespoke, regular, flexible service. We have a multi-agency approach, and always place the individual at the centre of everything we do to ensure that they are safe, and that it is sustainable for their future.

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