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Resolving disagreements

There are different ways to resolve disagreements depending on what these are about.  The information below provides advice as to the possible different routes.

A national trial started in April 2018 to simplify this process.  It’s called the Single Route of Redress.  


Education Health Social care
Disagreements at local level usually can be resolved or worked through by talking with the lead professional / worker or person providing the service
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Disagreement resolution and Mediation linked to decisions about EHC needs assessments and plans: in certain circumstances, there is a statutory requirement to consider mediation regarding the Education element where an SEN appeal is being considered. In terms of the health and care elements information about the mediation service will be provided to you, but you can choose to go straight to making a complaint if you remain dissatisfied.
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School admissions appeal Complaint to school SEN appeal Complaint about the health provision Complaint about social care provision
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Local Government Ombudsman Secretary of State Tribunal Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman Local Government Ombudsman


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