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Corporate parenting strategy

South Gloucestershire Council is committed to being an excellent Corporate Parent.  We know that to achieve this there are considerable challenges to overcome and recognise and that whilst significant strides have been made this past year, there is still a great deal to achieve.

We know that to ensure that children in care and care leavers have the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes and experiences in life, the quality of care and services they receive on their journey through care must be outstanding.  Good parenting is vital for all children and young people, this includes children in care with disabilities.  Many children and young people in and leaving care have already faced considerable challenges and are amongst the most vulnerable groups and have both a need and right for their corporate parents to be robust and aspirational, which is why Corporate Parenting is one of the central responsibilities of South Gloucestershire Council.

To demonstrate our commitment to Children in Care, South Gloucestershire Council made a pledge to Children in Care which we have called Our Promises’. The ongoing challenge for the council is to deliver these ‘promises’ and prioritise what children and young people have identified as most important to them and those things we know will provide them with the best possible opportunities for their future.

This Corporate Parenting Strategy sets out how South Gloucestershire Council will fulfil its Corporate Parenting responsibilities, continue to listen to children and young people about what is important to them and their views regarding how well the council is delivering its ‘promises’ and improving the lives of children in and leaving care.

The strategy is one of a number of linked strategies that address the council’s key priorities and should be considered and read in conjunction with:

*Please note our Corporate Parenting Strategy is in the process of being updated.

More details on the corporate parenting steering group framework and members of the steering group can be found in the downloads section on this page.

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