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Support for Share the Care (short break) carers

A Family Placement social worker is there to offer advice, guidance and support to Share the Care (short break) carers. An induction programme will be arranged when you first start Share the Care (short break) and regular supervision and consultation is offered throughout your time as a carer. All the children will have access to a social worker who can support them and work with their parents, family and Share the Care (short break) carers. This social worker is there to ensure that each child has a comprehensive child care plan to meet their current and future needs.

Out of hours support

If you need help outside of office hours you can telephone the Helpline for foster carers or contact the Emergency Duty Team.

Buddying scheme

From the end of the preparation course, through to assessment and the first year of Share the Care (short break), new carers will be linked with experienced carers who will be available to give advice and support in addition to that provided by social workers.

Foster Carers Support Group

The South Gloucestershire Foster Carers Support Group is an informal support network set up by local carers who meet regularly without social workers present. At these meetings they share their experiences of fostering and give each other advice and support.

Foster Friends

Foster Friends are the children of foster carers or Share the Care (short break) carers aged 6-13 who meet during school holidays, special days and events to share their experiences whilst having fun together.

Financial support

All Share the Care (short break) carers receive an allowance for each child or young person placed with them.  We believe that Share the Care (short break) payments should reflect the real costs of looking after a disabled child. A leisure allowance per child per year can be paid to take children out. For example it can be used to cover entrance fees and tickets. The leisure allowance is to support carers in enabling disabled children and young people to take part in the community.

Special equipment

Additional equipment you need to help you care for the child or young person you are linked with can be provided on a loan basis: for example things like beds, bedding, car seats, smoke alarms and stair gates. We will also assess if you will require any specialist equipment to look after a disabled child.

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